Our Strategy

Purpose-Built Fund with a double bottom line of

"They said that the Negro had no initiative; that he was not a businessman, but a laborer; that he had not the brain to engineer a corporation, to own and run ships; that he had no knowledge of navigation, therefore the proposition was impossible. Oh! ye of little faith. The Eternal has happened.“

The TREF Promise

Exercise Fiduciary Responsibility

Being good stewards of group economics is at the core of our DNA 

Maintain Proper Internal Controls

Audited Financials, Zero Audit Irregularities, AML & KYC Compliance, and best-in-class service providers such as Computershare

Provide Financial Transparency

Annual audited financials submitted to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)

Aligned Interests

Incentives: The Fund Manager doesn’t receive its 50% profit until after all TREF investors receive their full 8% preferred cumulative dividend payments

Create Jobs For Minorities

Over 200 jobs created for minority workers since the inception of the fund

Deliver on Social Impact Promise

Deployed over $9M in funding to Minority Real Estate Developers

Attainable Housing

Over 200 doors secured for affordable housing


$391K dividends payments to over 14K TREF Partners

Reasonable Rate of Return

24.9%* Average Annual Weighted ROI

*Calculated for completed transactions