A Purpose-Built Fund with a Double Bottom Line

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What Our Partners Say About Us

Tulsa Real Estate Fund

TREF is an impact fund designed to achieve the following:

  • Democratize Real Estate as an asset class

  • Be a leading source of capital for minority Real Estate Developers

  • Create diversity in the Real Estate Industry

  • Provide minority equity participation in gentrification renewal projects

  • Increase Affordable Housing stock

1 +
Total Estimated Capital Raised
$ 1 M USD
Total Capital Deployed
>$ 1 M USD

“We've got to strengthen Black institutions. I call upon you to take your money out of the banks downtown... We begin the process of building a greater economic base"

Our Portfolio

"They said that the Negro had no initiative; that he was not a business man, but a laborer; that he had not the brain to engineer a corporation, to own and run ships; that he had no knowledge of navigation, therefore the proposition was impossible. Oh! ye of little faith. The Eternal has happened."

Fund Facts

Collectively we achieved what they called “The Impossible”… We challenged this idea and went to work!

Total Estimated Capital Raised
$ 1 USD
Properties Underwritten
Properties Funded
1 +

Data is based on projections and may periodically change based on adjustments in portfolio activity and unforeseen market changes

How The Fund Started

The Corner Class Tour

Empower The People

It's no secret that knowledge is power and experience is powerful. That's the basis behind forming the First Ever Black Owned, crowd funded real estate investment fund!

Grass Roots

In the rain, in the cold, at 7am or midnight... The Corner Class took the message of group economics to the streets.

Group Economics

Like a Union creates power through collective bargaining... Group economics creates power through collective investing. As a community, it's important for us to combine our resources to combat systemic economic oppression.

How We Made History

On June 1st, 2018, Tulsa Real Estate Fund launched the first Black Owned Reg A+ crowd sourced equity Real Estate Fund.

Over $6 million was raised within the first weeks.

By July, 2018 Nine Thousand Partners had became a part of the TREF community. Many were unaccredited, first-time Real Estate Investors.

Founding Partners' names were memorialized on the
Legacy Wall housed at the TREF Legacy Center.

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